Just subscribed to my first paid community/newsletter & it's @uxblake's


Talk with @uxblake - he鈥檚 killing it 馃檶馃徏馃敟

Can I steal this tweet format?馃槇

Great Twitter resource for makers by @uxblake 鈥 give it a look 馃憖 twitterby.com

I have had the privilege to watch people like @JanelSGM @brandonthezhang @Deepuasok @whit4th @uxblake who cracked the formula of using Twitter and proving the world that this free platform has more potential than ever 馃敟

Y鈥檃ll are inspirational 馃檹馃徏

If @Twitter would allow for investing in people like in the stock market and make money on their growth I would definitely invest in @uxblake !

Then, I started observing other people that had smaller followings (under 10kish) but have great engagement.

I simply observed. What made their content good?

A perfect example is @uxblake

He does a great job putting tweets together and engaging his audience.

No wonder why my last 3 tweets bookmarked are from @uxblake

Thanks a lot for this Blake!

You are also an inspiration for me on the Twitterverse馃挋

People I鈥檝e enjoyed following recently:


I鈥檝e learned a whole lot from them in the last month 馃檹

is a real one! Following back 馃檶

You are far too nice dude. By the way, I can鈥檛 believe your site is made on Carrd. It鈥檚 SO nice & simple!

Twitter is basically marketing yourself.

Who better to teach you than @mkobach and @uxblake (Twitter engagement god)?

Answer: no one.

That last point inspired by @uxblake, who is unsurprisingly utilizing Fleets (Is that what we鈥檙e calling them? I鈥檓 late to the party) really well.

Maybe you already know them but for me, @theandreboso and @uxblake are two marketing maestros!

I鈥檝e discovered after tweeting @uxblake yesterday that spelling things wrong is way more fun.

Especially curse words


Even words that aren鈥檛 cursing have me laughing

bam hurger
mig bac

Yes this is nothing about marketing or design and I DON鈥橳 CARE

Epic work, once again. Trying to find that save-button, but I already seeing myself coming back to this thread a dozen times

Let's see if I can become friends with @uxblake by the end of the week 馃.

My real thoughts: Do this, but make sure to provide value.

At the end of the week, DM the person and let them know your favourite tweets of them.

Also don't go in *expecting* a friendship.

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