thank you that's kind to say, but between you and me...

my ace card is @ojabowalola β€” she does outstanding work ✨

if you're wanting help on tricky things, give her a holler!

We had an awesome #nocode session yesterday with @ojabowalola πŸ₯³

If you missed it, YouTube to the rescue! 🀩

No one:

@ojabowalola : makes a no code tool to build audio rooms in a weekend

Just saw a new @bubble plugin that I had been hoping someone would make.... and guess who made it 😊

You go girl @ojabowalola

So @ojabowalola is amazing.

She just jumped on a long call with me to run through how to get video working on my app.

Getting help from super-smart and lovely people is one of the best ways of levelling up with the minimum amount of stress.

Also is πŸ”₯

we're proud to work with award-winning πŸ† pros like @ojabowalola and her team @lunchpaillabs

It's amazing what someone can code up in 1 day with a #nocode platform. Beautiful work. Color me super impressed @ojabowalola!

We live in the future.

This was very inspirational. Hearing these thoughts from @ojabowalola makes me feel like most of us within this space are on a similar journey.

I can so relate to this. Amazinggg episode.