Peter Piekarczyk
Cofounder & CTO @ Draftbit

Congrats, Xano! Well-deserved! We love using Xano at Draftbit :)

Been having a play with the amazing @nocodebackend and literally can't stop thinking of all the cool things Im going to build with it. Did a little vid of my first impressions

Really loving @nocodebackend! An incredible platform and awesome team! Xano continues to blow my mind at what's possible and the completeness of the platform at this stage. Saying I'm impressed is an understatement! @thisiskp_ @JanelSGM @MorrisHuang5 #ODNC2

馃摚 Xano fans, we've got something for you.

Check the actions list in your Bildr projects for some new actions to use Bildr as your front-end and @nocodebackend for the back.

Team work makes the dream work. 馃挮

has identified itself as a #nocode backend with a lot of potential. Support is incredible. If you don't know it yet, I think it's a great opportunity. The learning curve is small and you can do amazing things without any code.

Vikrant Kadian
Founder at Fresherry

Quite a fan of the product and team. Xano is the foundation on which the tech side of our company has grown. Love the relevant and speedy weekly updates.

keeps releasing new features almost every day. If you'll like to see how to build a backend with no code, check out one of my early videos on it.
It's amazing.鈥

Nick Selman
Head of Growth at Draftbit

Fantastic product from a fantastic team. Draftbit 馃挏 Xano

Kevin Baum

xano is a leader in low code server-less back-end. We are very happy with the maturity of the product and the emerging features. Is becoming our goto back-end solution.

Toby Allen

I've been a user of Xano from a very early stage now and it's honestly an epic product. Pretty much my default for any new database or products that we build at or that we use for client work there. It's a total game changer in terms of being able to have a solid data/api stack and then just connect it to whatever front-end system you prefer.

Georges Duverger
Maker of Fitmeal, Crono, and CTRL+F

I've been a Xano customer for months. In that time, it has changed how I approach backend development, no-code or not.

3 reasons to upvote:
馃洝锔 battle-tested backend
馃挰 supersonic support
馃洠锔 riveting roadmap

We鈥檙e about to finish our latest project so have some space over the next few weeks. Who has the next idea and needs help building it?

Primary tool stack is @bubble @nocodebackend

Recent project:

#nocode #lowcode

Maximiliaan Devloo
CEO of MDware, External CIO

Hi, I'm a power user of Xano I would say, used Xano as a backend in some challenging migrations or quick api integrations, as well as for a high volume mobile app for an event. I was particularly suprised by the great support I've been getting of their team, for bugs or for feature requests. Really nice to see and thus I highly recommend anyone to try Xano!

Custom Packaging Supplies
Custom wholesale boxes

Many of you know that record limits are a huge problem if you're building an MVP that needs to scale (think of a marketplace like Airbnb with millions of listings/rental data). This is where Xano shines as it leverages PostgreSQL (a popular open-source relational database) in a no-code fashion. The other cool thing about Xano is it is platform-agnostic on the front end. Which means you can connect it to other no-code tools like Webflow, Adalo, Bubble etc.

What was your favorite find this week? (no-code related or not)

Mine was Xano.

Just tried spinning up an API with @nocodebackend.

Wow, just wow.

Literally 5 minutes to a deployed API with Swagger page and everything.

#nocode #api

My GF saw the child excitement in my eyes and said : Another great session, right?

Yep! I am speechless and blown way with the Capabilities of @nocodebackend ~What a session with Xano CEO Himself, Sean Montgomery. @beondeck #ODNC2

馃くHe did a live demo of my app idea#馃じ馃従鈥嶁檧锔忦煋堭煔

Agreed. The tools are there now as well.

@webflow front-end
@nocodebackend database and biz logic
@outseta for payments and managing the business

Showed this to people last week and they were floored.

馃毃 New Tutorial just posted in our new community!
Wold cities app made with @Bravostudioapp and Xano @nocodebackend.
Check it out here馃憞鈥

No code that scales: @nocodebackend

Blockchain that scales: @dfinity's #InternetComputer

Mack G贸rski
Senior Technical Product Manager

I started using Xano couple of months ago and it鈥檚 a great product. I am seasoned PM and this helped me to validate startup ideas fast! Everyone should try this platform!

Day 0 of building time-series data for Niphty. Ridiculously easy to do chron jobs with @nocodebackend.

is a really powerful no code tool

Pedro Codina
Growth at

Congrats on the on the launch to the entire Xano team! Looking forward to more collaborations between Xano and Bravo Studio 3.0 !

Jonas Beisswenger
Founder of Wized

Have been testing Xano for some weeks now and must say that this is a really amazing tool and great addition to the no-code space! It鈥檚 very easy to set up, it is crazy flexible and saves tons of time compared to traditional server development. Can recommend 10/10.

If you already have some front end skills and want a highly scalable, secure no code backend, check out @nocodebackend - their training and office hours are excellent.

Founder at No Code Founders

Started using Xano a few weeks ago and love it. From a no-code perspective, it makes scaling no-code apps much easier and the support from the team has been amazing! 馃檹

I feel like @nocodebackend is a sleeper in the #NoCode/#LowCode ecosystem.

It feels like a natural evolution for your database and parts of your back-end once you start hitting record limits in @airtable.

Let me put it this way:

If you're serious about becoming a no-code dev and want to free yourself of the limitations of working with APIs, then you NEED to check out @nocodebackend.

I see them becoming bigger than Bubble. Give it about 2 years, and you'll see what I mean.

Spent a few hours learning Xano last night. Couldn鈥檛 sleep cause I kept thinking of new things to build and of all the opportunities it opens up. With all the options for front end, it鈥檒l be nice not to get locked into a single tool. 馃く

I see that @nocodebackend has released a Data Caching function.

This is both great news and also .... "about time someone in the #NoCode space did this".

Given the scaling issues of all of the main App Creation platforms - this is a major step in the right direction.

With function stacks that easy and powerful, I might never write another API with code. @nocodebackend #nocode

Steve Stava
Focused on nocode tools & #buildinpublic

Xano is easily the best approach to building, integrating and innovating on your technology projects. I have been using it for over a year and it is my go to backend solution for any project I have. Xano makes it possible to have a central location for my data, business logic and user authentication/authorization no matter what front-end solution I use.

Abigail Mathews
Augmented and Virtual Reality Creator

Even though I'm a developer, Xano is still a great choice because it allows me to quickly prototype and build out backends without having to deal with configuring a server, etc. Xano includes features that are important to me and that are missing in other no-code options, such as support for geographic data. Whenever I've had a question or a feature request, the Xano team has been extremely helpful and responsive.

Facundo Lucci
No coder and restaurant owner.

馃檶 One of the best teams out there. Dedication to their customers and product is next level. And nothing comes close to what you can do with their business logic functions. Congrats 馃帀

Gilles Mangen
SportsTech entrepreneur

Been using Xano for a few weeks now and it's great! Furthermore, customer support is really fast and reliable! 10/10

Jeff Buzulencia
Working On The Next Thing

I was blown away when I first learned about and started using Xano a couple of months ago. It makes every critique of no-code obsolete. Scaleable. Xano helps you do that. Powerful logic. Xano enables you to put advanced algorithms and complex data handling into your no-code projects. And to top it off, they provide great tutorials and have a super helpful team to get you started.

Jorge Alvar Barriobero Moreno
CDO @ TiempoRelativo Nocode & Service

Best tool ever for making possible to build products with the same systemic design mindset we had in the front end by using interface components. But this time in the back. Love it 馃槏.

Antti Sihlman
CMO at React Studio

I've been using Xano for over a year now and couldn't be happier what they have done with the product. Originally I was searching for a backend builder which our (React Studio) users could use to build their own backends but I wasn't able to find anything which is simple to use and at the same time solves the problem for creating complex business logic.

Xano ticks both of the boxes; it's simple enough to use but still capable of creating complex logic and functions. It does not limit advanced users but also makes it easy for citizen developer to build simple API endpoints for CRUD operations.

As I watch the different videos in @nocodebackend YouTube channel, I'm realizing that they are not only good to learn Xano, they're also incredibly useful to get a clear understanding of APIs and databases.

Their "What is a database?" series is a gold mine (links in next tweet)

鈿♀殹鈿 @bubble tags + @nocodebackend is a rocket ship 馃殌 Look at the speed of this thing. Here's me trying to trip it up.... impossible ?!


Davie Yeh
Entrepreneur & Nocode Developer

Xano is the best backend no-code tool we've ever used. It empowers our team to build apps fast without coder's help. The customer success team is also very helpful and supportive. I truly believe Xano will be a must-have tool in no-code era. If you haven't tried it, you should start right now!