Imagine who you would be in 7 days, then 30 days, then 100 days, if you woke up tomorrow and decided to put a little bit of time into doing the things the person you want to be would do on a daily basis.

Full circle on my hoop dreams. Check this out if you ever were like "would be cool to own an NBA team."

Just remember that whatever you鈥檙e going through, someone out there went through the same thing and it made them stronger.

See this as an opportunity to create yourself again.

Developing habits like meditation, journaling, and reading are the key to success and fulfillment.

If you鈥檙e always growing you鈥檙e never stuck.

The work you put in when no one is looking gives them a reason to watch you later.

Speaking from the heart and being nice to people no matter what they can do for you gives you great returns.

Me an mom at the shop today - check out for personal and corporate gifting solutions that make your recipient say holy shit I love this

Making someone feel stupid for not knowing something that you know is a bad excuse for not having the ability to explain something effectively yourself.

Always thought I didn鈥檛 have time to meditate or journal every day.

About a year ago, I thought about if I鈥檇 make time if someone was holding a gun to my head.

The answer was yes, so I made time. And it鈥檚 made all the difference.

If you鈥檙e stuck, start.

Nature knows no order. Gotta love what is.

All lives are stories with incredible depth and insight.

But how many you hear and what you learn depends on the questions you ask people.

Sadly, most people tend to judge before inquiry, distorting their understanding of others and limiting their own growth as a result.

I post about my music and the artists I manage and advise on Instagram more than Twitter. If you鈥檙e interested, follow me at

Sometimes you have to think about what you鈥檝e lost to see what you鈥檝e gained.

A loved one, compassion.
A job, insight.
Identity, a new one.

I automated a bunch of @clarityiscool tweets so the #mentalhealth hashtag could be populated with more organizations

Did the same with the videos I've been sharing here and included the #buildinpublic hashtag so entrepreneurs can check it for inspirational content daily

Took on 鈥渢he artists way鈥 8 1/2 weeks ago. I have written almost 200 pages in my journal since.

Easily the most effective method I鈥檝e explored to write more.

Today is a great day to revisit your definition of enough.

It's something we all want, sometimes put ourselves through hell to ultimately not get, and in reality can have any moment we choose.

There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original. 鈥 Franz Joseph Haydn

Life is a game of self-improvement.

Do better for yourself.
Do better for your friends & family.
Do better for the world around you.

If you choose to play, others will follow your lead.

So many people live the life their parents, partners, or friends live instead of the one that鈥檚 right for them. They鈥檝e let other people鈥檚 ideas of 鈥渉appiness鈥 determine the things they think they need and work for to be 鈥渉appy.鈥

Most people react to content.

Few seek the context.

Don鈥檛 listen to pessimists. They get hung up on things they can鈥檛 change and love to whine about it.

It鈥檚 the optimists who find solutions and make things happen.

Artists are creative entrepreneurs. They shouldn鈥檛 feel bad when someone asks how the music thing is going. And they shouldn鈥檛 be talked down to in meetings. They are the CEO鈥檚 of their own entities.

Artists are the ideal people to lead successful businesses.

They aren鈥檛 scared to take risks, they bounce back fast from a 鈥渘o,鈥 they鈥檙e in tune with their emotions and have a high EQ, and they know how to lead and get others to stand behind their vision.

Every day I talk to artists that are 18-23 yrs old / didn鈥檛 go to college & I swear they鈥檙e more innovative, self-aware, & wise than most folks I鈥檝e met with 鈥渞eal jobs.鈥

They run startups (themselves) while those in 鈥渢he workforce鈥 don鈥檛 take them seriously / dream of startups.

As soon as I dropped meditation in the same bucket as brushing my teeth my life started to change

No one likes bad breath

Been taking cold showers since the beginning of August. Doesn鈥檛 even feel cold now.

I did have to bring some Jim Carrey level enthusiasm to the table though week 1 to psych myself out.

Pretending to be someone who loves cold showers helped a lot. Attitude is always a choice.

Artists want to work with people they can trust. People who actually care about their mental health and who they are as individuals.

Not just their output.

There鈥檚 just no time for fake people or bullshit conversations anymore.

Building a home for music creators with integrity and drive to grow at

Just started but the energy is something special. No bullshit, everyone wants to see each other win and be happy.

Simple as that.

Any founders interested in applying to an upcoming On Deck cohort? DM me please.

when people say music heals the world, I think they mean

after the creator of said music goes through the process of inquiring, understanding, creating, and expressing themselves authentically

leading to greater awareness of the self for the collective whole

Turned 28 today.

Past Michael would have come up with a CTA to leverage the attention and get more support on something.

But today, I'm just happy to be alive and would like to offer my support. If there's anything I can help you with or share on here, dm me or comment links!

Entrepreneurs want to help everyone but themselves & fix every problem but their own

But most of the time they run out of energy before making an impact

Mostly b/c they didn鈥檛 invest enough time helping themselves first

Self care compounds & leads to greater care for others 馃挕

Start by creating yourself. Get to know you before diving into a market. Invest in your mental, physical, and spiritual health before strategy and tactics. Creators, just like all founders, need to develop themselves first so they can lead and create honestly and effectively.

Very happy to see another Softr no-code build featured on ProductHunt #NoCode #ProductHunt

If you鈥檙e telling yourself you鈥檒l do what you really want to do after some random thing you鈥檝e decided on happens, here鈥檚 the truth:

You won鈥檛. You鈥檒l just wait for something else to happen and kick the can until you convince yourself it鈥檚 too late.

Just start now.

Every second that goes by is a second you鈥檙e never getting back.

So try not to waste more time doing things or spending time with people that don鈥檛 seriously elevate your vibe.

No matter how scary flipping the switch might seem, someone else did and is way happier now.

No need to ghost people anymore or let emails slip through the cracks because you don't know how to say no.

Just use this:鈥

鈥淟egit businesses鈥 spend hundreds of thousands / millions hiring people to make products, create content to market them, manage socials, and run ads to reach more people.

鈥淪tarving artists鈥 are doing all of these things on their own. AND they鈥檙e doing it on their own dime.

Super fans will fund and scale artist鈥檚 careers and benefit from it financially.

- NFT gated discords for greater access to artist.
- Social token to build individual economies. Buy products like merch, show tix, etc).
- Token rewards to incentivize marketing behavior.

Haven鈥檛 had notifications on any mobile apps since the beginning of the year. Texts included.

Nothing terrible has happened for anyone considering this.

Less distractions. More stillness. I control when I check, and if it鈥檚 urgent, someone can call me.

It鈥檚 easy to get down when we don鈥檛 grow as fast as we want b/c we think about that big number rather than the next person.

Something I tell artists tho: give the same energy to the sound tech and you鈥檒l sound better for the arena.

Great reminder 猬囷笍

Spending most of your time with people who inspire you to follow your heart and be yourself isn鈥檛 selfish.

It鈥檚 essential.

Music changes the world as we know it by changing the way we see it.

Songs scale perspectives.

When companies onboard new hires they should give them a booklist, podcasts, and articles to check out that not only give them context on the market and what they're doing, but also on life and the human condition.

Definitely not just onboarding documents covering processes.

Sometimes we hold back from talking to new people or old friends because we鈥檙e scared they view us as the person they perceive from socials or the person we were when we spoke last.

But our networks would grow & generate opportunities faster if we didn鈥檛 believe these thoughts.

If you've ever wanted to like a tweet and have it turn into a branded twitter screenshot that posts to IG immediately after liking it, checkout @tweetpikapp + @zapier integrations.

So dope. This is going to be fun :)

This my friends is the power of #100DaysOfNoCode

I mean, I know I'm biased but come on, this is insane 馃憞

Congrats Michael!

Some launch day stats for CLARITY -

- 130 upvotes and 16 comments on @ProductHunt
- 112 likes, 23 comments, 92 shares, 22 saves on IG

#buildinpublic #nocode #100daysofnocode

My first #nocode launch on @ProductHunt is a directory of mental health resources for creators. You can add to it too.

Built in a couple days w/ @softr_io and @airtable
Aggregated resources w/ @simplescraper