Dear Pune, inspired by @vensykrishna, we have created an app for Pune Covid Resources, on @glideapp

Request you all to give it a try and provide feedback for improving it. Best viewed using Chrome on your mobile

@aparanjape @HareshAmre please amplify.

Thank you @vensykrishna. I just have published my app for Madurai. I do have a few questions. I will ask later. Now I just want to thank you.

This is an appreciation tweet for @vensykrishna who introduced me to @glideapps which is a cool no-code app building platform and helped me quickly build a #COVID19 healthcare resources information specific app for my city #Siliguri in 1 day.

Check out 馃憞馃徏

Thank you for your intiative, we are live now and working on improving services.
Really appreciate it.

Created an app for #CovidResources in #Dhanbad
Info currently based on @dc_dhanbad. Seeking collaborators to make it more extensive @Apurvgupta_3 @shubhamgantayat @Ekta_2002 @shashwat_singh4
DM to @CovidDhanbad
Thanks for the inspiration @vensykrishna


Built by volunteer driven product enthusiasts @TheProductfolks

provides details on beds, medicine, oxygen & more for alot of cities in India.


Built by @shrishtie and a team of 20+ volunteers serves Delhi NCR & Mumbai in their #CoronaWarRoom are working day and night to help out.

Made a Negotiation Canvas using @NotionHQ.

Thank you @vensykrishna for teaching Notion, @Kansaltant for Negotiation session and @StoaHQ for arranging all this.

We just had a power-packed session of @NotionHQ and @zapier

@vensykrishna took us through the nuts and bolts, starting with the basics and moving on to formulae and automations 馃檶馃徑

Looking forward to live-building without coding tomorrow at 10am ET on the #InternetComputer using @icme_app.

Excited to be joined by the awarding-winning no code app developer @vensykrishna!

Stream details to follow! #web3

One more insightful session with @vensykrishna learning how to use @NotionHQ for emergency volunteer efforts.
Learned how to create:
- Creating Volunteers workspace
- Volunteers Playbook
- Creating Digital marketing calendar
- Team task

Created my first ever carrd website in the live workshop by @vensykrishna Thank you for teaching so wonderfully and your workshops are great learning experiences. #learning #thankyou #nocode

We Are Already Live With @vensykrishna with more than 290 people on the session.

@nocodeguy @IamKeshavSharma @teamEPYC

The no-code session on @glideapps was awesome. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to your other sessions.

Just had a really productive conversation on No-code.

Thanks for sharing the insights! @vensykrishna

Today had an amazing session @StoaHQ with @vensykrishna where we learnt about the varied and vivid use case of notion , we learnt to build a Personal Portfolio of our own . I created one of my own too!! . Folks do join the Notion Cult @NotionUni鈥

Thank you superheroes @vensykrishna for inspiring me to do this, rooting for me here and for churning out such invaluable advice through your content and @abhi_a95 for being my earliest believer and making me step into the world of #NoCode via @glideapps. Infinitely Grateful 馃槆

Thank you so much @vensykrishna for your guidance on building #nocode app for Odisha Covid Resources.

You can check out the "Odisha Covid Resources" app here:-

Leading a task force is a time-consuming task, especially when you have a day job on the side. Thanks to @vensykrishna for helping me out to increase the productivity of my covid task force team.

Sharing my Notion template for emergency volunteer efforts

I set out to create a template that is easily scalable in different parts of the country during a national emergency.

Easy, scalable, learnable tech infra that can be copy-pasted so volunteers can focus on on-ground efforts.

Thanks to no-code, I was able to do just this.

Thanks for the no-code session, @vensykrishna

DMs open in case you want to help/ upload leads.

I have created an app for all verified leads for beds, oxygen, food, etc for Chhattisgarh -

Presently this includes data for Raipur, Durg-Bhilai, Bilaspur, Rajnandgaon & Raigarh

Please RT & help Amplify 馃檹

Thanks @vensykrishna for simplifying it

This is a appreciation tweet for @vensykrishna. 馃檹馃徔馃檹馃徔馃檹馃徔She helped and taught to build this app cum website in such a short time. Our sleepy town will be always indebted to you.Looking forward to learn more #Nocode from you when we all overpower this crisis.


Built by Milan Roy, Swapnil Sharma and Pranit Ganvir @CovRelief
Is a verified All-India database inclusive of the many resources needed during these times 馃檹

They even have a city stress meter which is a good measure to know which city needs focus.


Built by @HarveenChadha is a directory covering the state of Punjab. People interested in volunteering to help increase regular verification should hit him up!

Hey, I made an app collating Covid resources available in Punjab. I am adding more resources onto the app along with verifying the leads.

Massive thanks to @vensykrishna for introducing many like me to the concept of no code.

Please share.馃檹

. @vensykrishna made an app used by 50k of her neighbors to get up-to-the-minute COVID info and resources. She鈥檚 live right now, showing how to build an app for your own community.

A huge thanks to @vensykrishna for providing this lovely tutorial on How to create a personal website/ Portfolio for free with the help of @NotionHQ Really enjoyed this quick and informative video. 鉂わ笍馃挴

If you鈥檙e looking to learn No-Code dev, and you want to get started for free, you must follow @vensykrishna who鈥檚 doing amazing work in the space.

Looking forward to taking part in @BuildWeekend this weekend kindly hosted by @vensykrishna - will be fun to #buildinpublic with the new responsive engine in @Bubble and exploring how much coffee I can consume in 48 hours :-)

Heard the coolest story of @vensykrishna creating real social impact using No Code tools #100daysofcodechallenge

These No Code Workshops by @vensykrishna are Amazing

Anyone Who wants To know/ enter into No-Code must have a definite look towards The Same
Tremendously Value Additive Sessions!!

In case you miss live sessions, do Check out her YouTube Channel for recorded Sessions also

Day 1 of #100DaysOfNoCode
I attended the No-Code Workshops by @vensykrishna to learn more about Task Management in @NotionHQ

Day 14: Watching and replicating @vensykrishna鈥檚 Glide App for @hydcovid19 as a way to learn glide, and create a potential resource directory.

A bit late to the covid resource needs, thinking about other causes/use cases.鈥


Penny is skeptical as to why we鈥檙e up this early but, we鈥檙e ready for a No Code workshop with @vensykrishna this morning!

This is when my #NoCode journey started. Thank you Vensy ( @vensykrishna ) 馃檹馃徏馃檹馃徏

I'd also like to thank @vensykrishna for the Notion workshop she conducted at Stoa. It was a great catalyst 馃

There have been several initiatives that have used the template I designed for Hyderabad on @glideapps and @NotionHQ

They were able to quickly set up operations, onboard volunteers and scale their reach.

Here's another:


Built by @geekysrm was inspired by @vensykrishna鈥檚 YouTube guide to glide directories to make a localized directory for Odisha.

Aggregated and collated resources available online in NCR region.

Thanks @vensykrishna for the inspiration

Today, learned how to make an app in just 2 hours.
Thanks, @vensykrishna for sharing your experience & teaching us to make in @glideapps
Please Share your Feedback馃檹


By @dakuwithchaku

Is one of the most comprehensive lists using the support and info people are providing right here on Twitter.


By @covid19chennai provides the best localized information and helpline nos with guides for different situations in Tamil Nadu.

It is simple to use and compiles all relevant info for those that want to help as well as need help.

Random Creator Shoutout:

@vensykrishna produces high-quality notion templates and workflows and sells them on Gumroad for free.

She's also an amazing consultant and advisor. Glad to have met you, Vensy.

Notion is definitely eating the world.

Excited to have @vensykrishna who is a @NotionHQ ambassador guide our cohort to build something powerful with Notion and automations. 馃

Amidst the second wave of Covid, I was scrolling through Twitter and found @vensykrishna tweet about covid resources app she was building on glide

That's how I was introduced to her. Did some google search & was really inspired by what she has managed to do & achieve till now.

Where do I start!!
I just loved your session today @vensykrishna
I love women in tech and entrepreneurship.

I commit on building my first no code app before My birthday :)

14 days to go!

Thanks @growthschoolio for this session! More Smart & Tech Savvy Woman please!

Today, I had my Aha moment!
Developed my first no-code app with the help of @vensykrishna using no-code tools like -
- @glideapps
- @NotionHQ
- @canva
- Google Sheets
- Google Forms
Never knew even I could replicate which impacted 1.5 L people in India

Thanks @vensykrishna for your wonderful workshop on Notion.

I have created this landing page in Notion, based on the learnings from your workshop.

Please have a look.

I am an Amazon affiliate. The landing page shares deals & guides for Amazon India.鈥

Just one word to define the session- oof馃挜
Thank you so much @vensykrishna for a super interesting session鉁

Longer session next time?馃憖馃構@growthschoolio

Officially on @NotionHQ. Thanks to @vensykrishna and the folks at @StoaHQ

Here's what I built out in less than an hour鈥

Learning Notion through @vensykrishna! I'm so excited to start customizing based on what I'm learning 馃

Making an app using glide apps was so easy that I ended up making an app during the session itself.
Hey, @vensykrishna keep bringing such insightful sessions in future.