Kenny (@kmendes) from Coda and Box is the BEST at recruiting! He will never let me tell you this -- but he has a 90%+ close rate and is one of the best of the best.

Highly recommend his course on how to hire and build top-tier teams

Fantastic resource for those looking to up their hiring game!

I was fortunate to learn a ton from Kenny early in my career, and excited to see him share his expertise more broadly.

Highly recommend Kenny's course to anyone serious about hiring top performers!

Check out @kmendes's expert class on startup hiring. He's one of the best.

Excited for this - think there's a huge opportunity to up-level recruiting and there's no better person I can think of to learn from than @kmendes

Kenny is the best in the business. Go sign up.

. @kmendes is exceptional, if you're a founder/ceo or hiring manager, highly recommend checking this out!

The GOAT of recruiting is ready to teach.

People should SERIOUSLY take a look at this course from @kmendes. He’s the real deal & has helped so many operators learn how to grow their companies. Take a look 👇🏼

If you are lucky enough to join the cohort, prepare to be gobsmacked by the depth and breadth of Kenny's team-building expertise👇

At some point Kenny’s course is going to be mandatory for all founders who want to recruit top talent. Till then, you can apply below.

(This course has fundamentally changed how I think about team building)

We are HUGE Kenny Mendes fans at @firstround. I've seen snippets of his wizardry & recommend our founders to him for anything around hiring, closing candidates, dealing with offers, and structuring win-win compensation plans. Highly recommend this course by @kmendes!!!

Founders - if you want to learn from the best on how to hire the best, this is the course for you! FYI @TammyFabulous

Kenny is the absolute best when it comes to frameworks for early stage hiring. Strongly recommend this!

ATTN anyone who is interests can be dound at the intersection of recruiting + startups + scale. @kmendes knows his stuff. His new cohort-based course should be on your radar. 👇🏻

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Incredible course. I wish I had taken this when I was first starting my company. The insights would have changed every part of how I hired. Get your spot before they’re all gone and you’re cursing yourself wishing you had a best-in-industry mentor who could tell you how it’s done