Merritt Aho

I'm loving the newsletter. Great contribution to the community.

I don't have a lot of newsletter subscriptions anymore, but the ones from @rickpastoor @lara_hogan @kevinanderson are the ones that I always look forward to

De wekelijkse nieuwsbrief is ook wel wat voor jou;

Annemarie Klaassen

Dito! I'm simply too busy (read: lazy) to scan the web for interesting blogs. The newsletter of Kevin Anderson and Tom van den Berg takes care of this for me.

Cultural Myths of Empowerment by @ElizAyer Thanks to @kevinanderson for sharing via his newsletter 馃憣

Bithika Mehra

Kevin, I wanted to applaud you on such a well put together newsletter! The posts are rare finds and not those that are doing the circuit already. Thank you for making us all smarter!


2:56 PM 路 Jul 5, 2021

I always open and read the newsletters from:
- @benedictevans (Big tech, macro)
- @SimoAhava (GTM, GA, Privacy&Browsers)
- @Kevin_Indig (Growth, SEO)
- @kevinanderson (Data, psychology)
- @TomvdBerg1 (CRO, Analytics)
- @JamesClear (self-improvement)

I really enjoy the one by @kevinanderson. Spot on for my work/field and often stuff I missed myself.

Nice read by @JanBosch | What Digitalization means for you | Thanks for sharing in your newsletter @kevinanderson

The newsletters by @kevinanderson and @BenedictEvans are great reads to start your week. Highly recommended.

Melle Moorman

Great article 馃挋 Kevin, thanks for sharing through your weekly mailing 馃挭 Shout out to this highly recommended newsletter.

Great way to start my Monday morning, reading the Behavioral Insights e-mail from @kevinanderson thanks for sharing! Big Tech is testing you -

Simon Vreeman

Currently I'm enjoy reading the newsletters from Kevin Anderson, Avinash Kaushik and Tom van den Berg.

Goed dat de wekelijkse update weer terug is!

Francis Guan
Data Analyst

This newsletter is one of the first ones I started reading when I entered this industry, and I still look forward to each one. Interesting tidbits of information that I would not have came across elsewhere.