You’re 19 and have a good idea about design, creation, and audience.

Can’t wait to see where you are at in 10 years’ time!

Easlo is a high-quality Notion creator.

He has created dozens of concise and clean templates that I have loved. This is definitely on another level 🔥

Good work, Easlo.

Easlo 👉 @heyeaslo

Amazing templates creator, launched over 15 templates, inspired many people to start making Notion Templates by his valuable tweets and threads.


@heyeaslo. I've always been amazed by his ability to build, design, market, all on his own.

Huge support to @heyeaslo on heeling @NotionHQ creators design templates for passive income.

Would have loved this course when I started last year, but I'm glad that new creators have this resource!

I've been inspired by your free templates. As a novice fiction writer, I've been thinking on ways of organizing plots/stories/characters etc on Notion to publish on @gumroad like you do. Thanks for such an inspiring journey!

Oh, my freaking god😮! @heyeaslo has published his first video which is stunning💯!

Great content.
Great edit.
Great @NotionHQ template.

I think that you should definitely check out his video which is simply incredible🌌!

Shoutout to @thenotionbar for the encouragement on the Notion chat yesterday! Also to @heyeaslo for being a boss and inspiration for producing templates 💪

The Notion creators ecosystem has grown so much since I started using Notion early last year. It's honestly impressive! If you'd like to join the fun, @heyeaslo just launched a course to teach you how to create & sell Notion templates. 👇

has been dominating the game lately! Check out his gumroad for beautiful templates (you won’t be disappointed)

He has been creating the best notion templates I've ever seen! Now he has released his resource pack on @ProductHunt. Check this out to get access to a curated list of resources for beginners as well as advanced notion users. All the best @heyeaslo

If you run any part of your biz on @NotionHQ , you need to follow Easlo. SO many helpful resources and templates... I couldn't imagine running a large part of the client-side of my biz on Notion without the resources shared on his feed!