Just bought @stephsmithio's "Doing Content Right" e-book and I can't wait to dig in.

Learning from the best is the ultimate life's trick.

Finally finished working through all of @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right. This book is meaty! Well worth the $40 (and more tbh).

Here were the parts that stood out to me.


Such a good framework for discovering opportunity. From ⁦@stephsmithio⁩’s new book.

Read "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio this weekend. It's loaded w/ sound advice (SEO is king), current resources, and actionable guidance.

Highly recommended to anyone building newsletter.


Bought @stephsmithio book on doing content right. Some very good insights, history and story there! It is very important to think how viral one can go. The Trends writing for black friday sales is an example of this.

As a creator, one of the best books I've read this year is @stephsmithio's Standing out in 2020: Doing Content Right.


Steph leads the @TheHustle's Trends team, so she knows how to create, write, and scale a successful blog & newsletter to millions of readers.

A thread 👇

Today I bought @stephsmithio ‘s e-book. I love Steph’s work & wanted to learn more from her. Well, I’m one chapter in & am already devouring it. She’s a phenomenal writer & has woven in so many unique & valuable ideas. 10/10 would recommend!

Bought your ebook before the launch, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! All the building blocks I need in a pdf. Well done you 💙

I'm loving the analogies from real life provided in the guide "Doing Content Right". It makes me keep reading the guide.

@stephsmithio Thank you for creating such an essential guide for beginners like me.


This was so fun and informative ! Doing Content Right definitely gave me the final push I needed to start sharing more of my work online, thanks Steph !

Thank you steph, it has been amazing from start to finish! great job.

Well deserved! Doing Content Right is fantastic.

has a very thorough, full of an insane amount of content for learning how to write online content.

Be careful of buying any of those 10 page ebooks with 50 pt font. This book is the polar opposite of it.


I had high expectations & you over delivered! congrats!

Haha. Here's a few good ones :)

• Zero to Marketing
• Growth Design
• Ahrefs YouTube
• “Doing Content right” by Steph Smith
• “Growth Marketing” by Julian Shapiro

Your new book is a great comprehensive reference on acquiring readers for any kind of content. Gave me good perspective on all aspects involved.

The SEO chapter was indeed the best, lots of ideas that I hadn’t heard or thought of before.


Kudos to @stephsmithio for an amazing job on Doing Content Right! As a total newbie to blogging, the guide has been a godsend. I devoured it in a few days and now working my way through the exercises and checking out all the helpful resources. Thank you!

killer book, loving it so far!

Got it! Already a few chapters in :) Great how you’re challenging a few typical content marketing views that I have myself.

“Writing well is a precursor to distribution.”

From @stephsmithio’s “Doing Content Right”.

Such a packed book! Recommend it to any writer online.

Last week I picked up a copy of @stephsmithio's "Doing Content Right". I'm only about halfway through it but it's so full of actionable tips for growing your blog or newsletter. If you're growing your online audience then you need to read it NOW. 👇🏻


HI steph, Just done with Chapter 2 for tomorrow's call and this was packed with things I had never heard of. I am so grateful to you for creating this book. Thank you for keeping this affordable , such top notch material. I am learning so much.

"Don't compare your Year 0 to someone else's Year 10" 🙌🏾 - @stephsmithio from Doing Content Right

Can't get enough of the quality references/examples + technical details @stephsmithio includes in her book.

Folks at @WritersBlocHQ including @cullinmcgrath, @brandonthezhang, @ryansmulholland myself are fans!

‘s webinar course is really amazing! The informations she shared could be used for a business startup too not just about content writing

"Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio is one of the most actionable books I've read in 2020...learn how to establish a successful online identity in 2020 through your blog!

Use the code "50MONDAY" for 50% OFF until EOD Monday 🔥


📚 "Doing Content Right" - @stephsmithio
🎙️ "The Diary of a CEO" - @SteveBartlettSC
📊 @visualizevalue
🙆‍♂️ @jackbutcher

Content distribution has always been the piece that frustrates me to the point where I give up on content.

@stephsmithio lays out the best blueprint for distribution I've seen in her new book. I'm psyched to start putting it into action.

E14 | Steph Smith (@stephsmithio)

• Doing $40k in sales the first month of launching her book Doing Content Right 🤯

• The 7-figure ARR Black Friday deal

• Going from chess prodigy to chemical engineer to marketer


Buy @stephsmithio book "Doing Content Right" and you are ready to go! 🥰

gumroad.com/a/248312947 (Disclaimer: this is a affiliate link) - you can also use "philipp20" as a discount code and you will basically steal the book for the insane amount of value you get from it.

Just in the middle of reading @stephsmithio 's excellent book "Doing Content Right". ATM, I am reading the SEO chapter to learn more about how to promote my new GetTheAudience blog.
Buy the book on Gumroad: gumroad.com/l/doing-conten…

Just purchased @stephsmithio's Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right.

50% off currently on Gumroad!

Looking forward to diving into the book. Heard great things.

"The world consistently makes room for new players, because new problems will always crop up."

@stephsmithio, from Doing Content Right

No worries.

Just finished reading through 'Doing content right' - well worth the purchase. So much value in one package.

Thanks for the advice.

Thank you Steph for creating Doing Content Right!

It has been really inspiring and I appreciate you and all the work you put in. Have learned so much.

I recently interviewed @stephsmithio, who heads up Trends for @TheHustle, and author of "Doing Content Right."

We covered a lot of ground in this episode of the @growthmachine__ Marketing Podcast. Here were my 3 fave takeaways...

"Truthfully, becoming successful is more about fully being yourself than it is about any kind of formula." from "Business Made Simple" from @donaldmiller. Good words to remember when creating your personal monopoly as recommended by @stephsmithio in her book "Doing content right"

Thanks @stephsmithio for sharing this in your Doing Content Right book. Lots of nuggets to digest. perell.com/blog/serendipi…

I got Standing Out in 2021: Doing Content Right from @stephsmithio on @Gumroad: gum.co/doing-content-…

Hopefully it'll help me make WeightHackers successful. Or at least help me learn at lot

50% off was a surprise on Doing Content Right @stephsmithio. I was looking forward to it. Have heard so much about it from everyone

1) @DesignMuseum's a-z of design & designers
2) shinrin-yoku: the japanese way of forest bathing
3) @stephsmithio's doing content right
4) @JamesClear's atomic habits
5) ikigai: the japanese secret to a long and happy life
6) @EricJorgenson's almanack of naval ravikant

I finally pulled the trigger after a recommendation from @brandonthezhang. I'm super excited to read it.

Lo voy a comprar, ella escribe muy bien. Espero que me sirva para el mundo del español 😋

I need to get a copy of this. @stephsmithio’s site and content are fantastic. 🎉🙌🏻

📰 eBook

A complete guide on writing, creating and scaling a blog in 2020 from @stephsmithio. It's a $30 e-book and literally covers everything from how to start, building a brand, distribution, SEO, and how to get found, and how to make money doing it.


Just picked up Doing Content Right this morning. Looking forward to diving in later.

7/ Review

A high-quality book that is packed with actionable content and exercises, with the opportunity to ask questions via live calls. Worth way more than it costs!

@stephsmithio was kind enough to give me a 20% code for my audience, "janel20"

go.brainpint.com/doingcontentri… (aff)

I have never been that excited for a book I preordered, great to finally have it on my kindle 🥰

I can say without a doubt that „Doing Content Right“ is the most valuable book I have ever bought.

Congrats @stephsmithio 💯🙌

came to the rescue. Doing Content Right is a gem.

I am now listing the things that I have insight into that 95% of people or organisations don't. What's the pain point I can solve for? What is my edge over the next person?

I just bought @stephsmithio’s book on blogging in 2020 and I’m super excited to go through it.

However, it’s also important to not get bogged down in resource overload. There’s a lot of stuff to read!

Find 1-2 resources that cover most of what you want to do and then do it.

Para content marketing: Doing Content Right de @stephsmithio

The book was very helpful for me to get started with setting up my websites and publishing (it's been 6 months, I guess). Thanks for the great product, Steph!

78. Doing Content Right

Anything that you've spent an above average time learning about can be translated into information that is going to be valuable to the average person.

- @stephsmithio

Awesome, I learned so much from the book! Congrats Steph 😁🚀

Go team human!! Congrats Steph. You guide is the best investment I made in 2020. Well deserved!!

Awesome news! This was a very helpful b9ok for me.

An amazing book by a very passionate creator! Worth a lot more than many $1000 courses and groups :)

My boss gifted me @stephsmithio ‘s ‘Doing Content Right’ 😁

Looking to level up your content? I just bought this book from @stephsmithio and can't wait to dig in!

Testimonials from @harrydry @anthilemoon and @5harath were enough to convince me.

Use promo "LAUNCH" to get 50% off!🎁


This book changed everything about how I view content creation, value provision, and the 2021 online marketplace.

@stephsmithio explains the unique opportunities of this moment and how to navigate any potential obstacles.

Truly essential reading.


💬 10 key notes & quotes on creating content and standing out online from @stephsmithio's book Doing Content Right:


your “Doing Content Right” guide has basically been my bible since I launched my newsletter.

A few days ago, I started experimenting with pop-ups and CTAs on @tinyrockets_app blog and it's been great!

Couldn't have done it without reading @stephsmithio book "Doing Content Right".

Lots of great tips, can't recommend it enough if you're new to this space like me.

is a queen of underpromising and overdelivering!

Every page in her course's book Doing content right is filled with a ton of value and actionable tips.

Well done on your first review session today! Looking forward to next week's one!

‘s Trends had the best Black Friday sale IMO.

I bought 3 (!) courses - because they all looked like they had a ton of value:
@stephsmithio doing content right
@nevmed copywriting
@cathrynlavery passive income with crypto

Now I gotta hustle and…

I got Standing Out in 2022: Doing Content Right from @stephsmithio on @Gumroad: stephsmithio.gumroad.com/l/doing-conten… Excited to keep sharpening my skills from one of the best!

It's 2:18 AM in India. Usually I'll be in my deep sleep.

But I'm awake now because of the event - Doing Content Right with @stephsmithio @dickiebush @Nicolascole77

What I wanted to convey is: if you want to get better, you've to go all in & make few sacrifices in the journey.

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio

This covers the full spectrum of everything you need to know about writing online - from picking a niche to getting traffic to your blog.

Truly brilliant!

Sold 🤓

Just purchased @stephsmithio's "Doing Content Right" ebook. I'm always looking to improve the content and strategy I create for my clients and I've no doubt your book will have a few good tips.

I got Standing Out in 2022: Doing Content Right from @stephsmithio. I just started it, and I can’t recommend more!

Favourite chapters from @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right to improve content production:

• Diversification
• Distribution is a Multiplier
• Creating Value > Capturing Value
• Bedrock Channels v. Viral Platforms

Over 270 Pages of Content Gold


Reading "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio. Love the hands-on approach, no mumble jumble, no cutting corners. Quality is defined by what is left out as much as by what is included. Go get it, you'll have an edge on the game bit.ly/steph-smith

Honestly, I bought this last week and it's been blowing my mind. So much to learn but thankful for such a resource! And waking up to a bonus chapter? You're a legend @stephsmithio

From @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right. Incredible nuggets. Feeling understood and tended to on every page!

“ANYTHING that you’ve spent an above average time learning about can be translated into information that is going to valuable to the average person”

Just started but already loving the insights like this from @stephsmithio in Doing Content Right 🔥

If you're a writer/creator/maker doing any of these:

- Creating a blog
- Writing a newsletter
- Growing your audience
- Trying to get your content to stand out

@stephsmithio's book Doing Content Right is the perfect resource for you.

A thread with some of my fav quotes👇

I feel expanded so much as I read through it while taking notes. It feels like I am seeing things through a fresh lens that feels right and makes sense. I can tell the work you've done, Steph, on the material because it feels comprehensive but not overbearing

Just started reading Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio. Lots of value here. Well researched and super actionable. Looking forward to the upcoming live sessions.

Thanks for everything @stephsmithio. Highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to write online.

Thanks again Steph! Feeling very inspired and excited to get my learnings actioned, notably migrating to @Ghost 👀

hey, I’ve just finished your book... it’s fantastic 👏

You might consider claim yourself as the author on Goodreads and add cover, details, etc.

It would bring you more exposure and I’d be able to leave you there a 5 ⭐️ review


Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio is the one thing you must read this holiday.

Oh and you all should definetly add @stephsmithio's BOOK to that winter reading list. I did. Time to purchase 😊


Ordered the book based off your rec, great read, full of valuable & actionable insights. Especially important for me as currently transitioning careers & looking to carve out a future in the world of psychology.

"Don’t write just to “make money”. Write to solve problems." From @stephsmithio's 'Doing Content Right'

Just bought @stephsmithio's E-book Doing "Content Right". I am currently working to start a technical blog related to Quality & CQE prep and this is exactly what I wanted!


Just bought your book "Doing Content Right" today because I wanted to think strategically about my blog. I already made changes to my buildingproductivity.tech blog especially the newsletter sign up page. The book is super well written.

going through
@stephsmithio's Doing Content Right
@nateliason's Effortless Output in Roam
@jackbutcher's Build Once, Sell Twice (2nd round)

at the same time (alternating chapters/modules) is an absolute treat for the brain 🧠😋😋

ideas (for execution) galore

What worked for me:
- content strategy tips from @stephsmithio’s ebook Doing Content Right
- keyword research on @ahrefs
- hiring a proofreader on @upwork
- always capture emails

Bonus: More amazing people to follow

@anthilemoon - founder of @ness_labs and prolific thinker. Her newsletter, Maker Mind, and blog are two of my favorite finds of 2020.

@stephsmithio - I really enjoyed her book Doing Content Right. Devoured it within days of getting it.

Just finished the book! It's like someone gave me a list with cheat codes 🤓 I love it and I'm looking forward to implementing it in my next endeavors. ty ✌️

Inspired by @stephsmithio publishing her e-book, Doing Content Right

A few highlights from her fun e-book live session last night:

- no one wants to "subscribe." Be more aspirational
- indie-creators undervalue SEO
- "do things that don't scale" applies to audience building

I bought this yesterday and it's SO good! Thank you @stephsmithio 🤗

Big thanks to @stephsmithio’s “Doing Content Right” for such a great breakdown 🙏🏻

One of my favorite recommendations for writers who join my coaching program is @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right.

It's the best resource to learn the ins and outs of content and writing.

Plus, you get access to special online events with purchase.

It's *that* good.

I bought this course recently to improve my skills. So far I'm loving it.

If you're into content creation, this is a must have course!

Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right ✍🏼
(by @stephsmithio)


Currently reading Doing Content Right and I'm loving it.

Thank you, Steph.

Same buys + @theSamParr’s / @TheHustle Trends subscription and @stephsmithio’s Doing Content Right. Let’s go!

While on the topic, if you've ever benefited from @stephsmithio's amazing work, please go and support her launch today - she such a valuable member of our community and deserves *all* the love!

reading Doing Content Right finally! Excited to dig in!

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio with Build Once, Sell Twice a close second.

The best guides on launching I've seen so far:

• Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio
• Make + Shine by @anthilemoon
• Make by @levelsio


I'd love to know about other guides out there too, especially if there's like a 2 page PDF cheatsheet somewhere 😅

The book Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio is on a 50% off sale now.

If you're thinking of creating a blog, writing a newsletter, growing your audience, learning about SEO, this is an amazing resource.

Get it here (aff):

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio

(But It’s a Live Thread)

Just going to share some salient points as I read. Going to take a while to get through.

Grab your (affiliate linked) copy and follow along ;)

9/ So many people have proven this sort of method works...

@stephsmithio w/ "Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right" [gumroad.com/l/doing-conten…]

@JanelSGM w/ "Newsletter Operating System (Notion Dashboard)"[gumroad.com/l/gUGdG]

I love that the replies to @stephsmithio's posts are always "charge more"


Also +1 to @jonnym1ller —maybe this is the research + validation for the upcoming course.... ;)

CONGRATULATIONS @stephsmithio on LAUNCH!!!
Can't wait to read this. Can't wait to attend live sessions!

I'm currently reading @stephsmithio's 'Doing Content Right' book (it's 🔥)

It reminded me of a reply I sent to her newsletter in April 2019.

Without knowing, the idea for @100daysnocode was cookin in my 🧠 and some lessons on education + #nocode can be had from it.


Can't wait to read Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right from @stephsmithio on @Gumroad: gum.co/doing-content-…


@stephsmithio "Doing Content Right" is the most complete guide on how to stand out with your content in 2020.

This is a must-buy if you want to start a blog/newsletter (Spoiler: DO BOTH!) and grow your audience.

Why? ⬇️

"Don't forget that building a digital property takes time. It's a marathon, not a sprint. If your goal is to find a shortcut to riches, content is not your best bet."

- @stephsmithio in her new book, "Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right"

Anything @stephsmithio creates is an automatic buy for me. Doing Content Right is an absolute steal if you want to get better at writing online:


Steph, your SEO chapter is superb! Can’t wait to take action on this! @stephsmithio

One of my 2021 goals is to build a reading habit.


1st one down is @stephsmithio's 🔥 'Doing Content Right' 📕

Here are my high level takeaways from each chapter 👇

I had Zero F*cking Idea about content until I was introduced to Steph's book and I have no regrets since then.

Grab it now before it can reach to $200😉

I just started reading Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio after watching her speak about it. It's 50% off right now: gumroad.com/l/doing-conten… -- go get it.

Recently ‘Doing Content Right’ by @stephsmithio has been a game changer.

Got me started into blogging and has some serious advice.

I'm a big fan of using rewards as incentives.

I'm looking forward to reading Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio once I release my newsletter course. Her recent SEO talk in a private chat was excellent!


It's the easiest thing to start a blog today, but how do you make it stand out in the ocean of content out there? Get a copy of our new partner @stephsmithio 's "Standing Out in 2020" to learn more about how to create, write, and scale blogs successfully to millions of readers📕

top takeaways by @stephsmithio on personal monopoly👇🏻

- reduced barriers
- saturation
- new distribution channels
- power law

Can you identify a new problem or be 1% better at solving an existing one?

I’m going to treat myself and celebrate one year of entrepreneurship with some Black Friday deals of fellow indie businesses.

So far, on my list is:
- twitter course by @dvassallo
- content right by @stephsmithio

What else should I invest in?

I'm one of the people who happily paid for that book. Plowed through a good 80 pages and am working my way through the rest of it. Already learned a ton. Thank you!

Not M&A related, but Doing content with @stephsmithio is a great class (50% off today!)

I have just bought this. Amazing value if you have ever thought about writing and growing your own audience.

doing content right and doing time right.

Although, I read them last year. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Congrats on the successful launch @stephsmithio. 500+ upvotes and #1 Product of the Day

Everyone: Do check out Doing Content Right (use code LAUNCH for 50% off) gumroad.com/l/doing-conten…

Just downloaded @stephsmithio “Doing Content Right” course and so far excited to dive in. A wealth of knowledge for young marketers. PS I promise it won’t just be 5MB on my tablet.

"Learning to do SEO well is like doing user research at scale."

Never heard SEO framed like this. I'm hooked. From doingcontentright.com

knowing how Steph does content right gave me the freedom to go off the reservation and explore freely what i can do wrong, knowing that i can always come back to this safety net when my experiments fail…

trust me Steph 😆 this *is* a compliment ♥️

A grand occasion.
Doing Content Right is a life-changing book.

Well @stephsmithio did it again.

I bought Doing Content Right after already being one of the first users of Doing Time Right.

Looking forward to the working with the cohort coming up!

10/ @stephsmithio if you haven't read Steph's "Doing Content Right," buy it now.

I'd consider it the bible of content marketing.

Also learn a ton whenever she's on @myfirstmilpod

Your time course. I bought Doing Content Right last night.

Bout to get Stephed up!

Two things

1. Explain Ideas visually course by @OzolinsJanis

2. Doing content right by @stephsmithio

I'm currently reading & doing Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio to see if I can learn to become better at writing my newsletter.

The first exercise is already extremely relevant, because she asks you to list your four favorite newsletters. 👇 (1/6)


Or keep looking and you will never find an answer.

By the way your book Doing content Right ...is super awesome...Good Job Lady 👏👏👏👏👏 5 Claps.

Looking for a new book?

This is, without a doubt, one of the best marketing books I've read. I had to put it down 10+ times because I wanted to ship so many ideas I got from reading it.

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio 👇


I'm only a chapter into this book and I can't recommend it enough.

If you are serious about blogging, you should check it out.

I love how Steph is doing live sessions in theme with the book. I stayed up last night reading so that I can be ready for her first session today. ☺️

Just finished reading "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio. My verdict: pure value, from title to the back cover! 👏

What I loved most is that it didn't promise any quick hacks. Content is a long game, but it's the best way to stand out online 👇


Finally getting around to digging into @stephsmithio 's Doing Content Right.

So far:

*jam packed with interesting examples, anecdotes, companies, products I've never heard of before
*has worthwhile exercises
*feels like a book that you study, not skim


I would say of myself that I read a lot of books.

Some of them were very good, some I didn't like, but none of these books were of as great value as @stephsmithio "Doing Content Right".

You should learn from her and all the experiences she covers in her book.

A thread ⬇️

Just as I read "Doing Content Right", I feel compelled to write to you. @stephsmithio

Truly, it's a pure gem of a book. A must-read for every content creator.

Steph, you're definitely a GENIUS.

Keep up the amazing work.

Just finished the first chapter of @stephsmithio's new book, Doing Content Right. I will be meditation on the question of "Idea Ikigai".

@stephsmithio is also kindly offering live sessions. Highly recommend Steph's first book! 🎉🎉🎉

Getting stuck into Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio. Always appreciate quality content in these noisy times 🙉

GREAT job with all of the online sessions, Steph! I learned SO much!

3. Resources. I owe a lot of what my strategy looks like and what my long-term goals are to the Internet.
- @stephsmithio's "Doing Content Right" is basically my bible. Thanks, Steph.
- @Julian's "Writing Well" guide sits in an open tab I have not closed in 6+ weeks.

🤓 Thank you! I'm blown away by how evidence-based, detailed and honest your book is! I also love the illustrations you used 😇! And yes, flying! I was reading and suddenly remembered that it's a moment to treasure being above the clouds in 2020! gumroad.com/l/doing-conten…

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio is packed full of stuff. I’m still chopping away at it. gumroad.com/l/doing-conten…

“Information is the new oil that you can create, refine and trade...bringing us full swing into the attention economy.”
@stephsmithio very happy with my purchase and hoping to get the best out of the book for myself and my clients. Thank you very much.

- @stephsmithio’s Doing content right
- @EricJorgenson’s Naval Almanack
- @tferriss’s 4 hour workweek

For devs:
- @philip_kiely’s Writing for software devs
- @dvassallo’s the Good parts of AWS
- @Swyx’s @Coding_Career
- @RandallKanna’s the standout developer

In the past 2 days, I helped @stephsmithio sell 61 copies of her amazing book "Doing Content Right."

For the longest time, I had doubts about selling to my audience.

- No authority
- Not niche enough
- Bad audience reaction to sales

Here's why I'm glad I powered through 🧵

Hello! Just found your account, followed you and bought your new ebook.

I absolutely loved the content and wanted to thank you for it, especially the chapter in SEO :)

Wondering why there's no mention of webflow though. Any thoughts on the platform? Thanks!

As part of following along with "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio I decided to redo my blog and focus on conciseness so here's my first try at it in my latest post on using dependency injection 🤓thetoulbox.com/posts/how-to-u…


I’m inspired by the people here creating new products publicly and with transparency.

The best I’ve seen:

@indiehackers - community
@jackbutcher - speed and scale
@aaraalto - creative process
@stephsmithio - doing content right
@brandonthezhang - audience building

Thank you for such a well written book. Rare for new books to be so packed with quality info, specially on writing online.

You should be proud of it! Thanks to you! 💪🏻

Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio is a classic that you probably don't know about yet.

Get it if you care about creating content that matters.

One of my favorite gumroad purchases of the year. You will love it Joey.

100% agree, this book is by far the best resource I've found on content!

I now have the perfect answer when someone asks how to master content in 2020.

It's @stephsmithio's "Standing out in 2020: Doing Content Right," a comprehensive 284-page book on the topic.

Now, its $30, ($24 if you use code: brandon20) but tomorrow it will go to $50


Day 30 of #100DaysOfMore
Started reading @stephsmithio ‘s “Doing Content Right” resource.

Love the setup where we are encouraged to skip around to relevant sections as needed

I just purchased Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right from @stephsmithio on @Gumroad: gum.co/doing-content-… thanks @JanelSGM for the 50% off Black Friday heads up.

Current reading:

• Doing Content Right
- Steph Smith @stephsmithio

• Make
- Pieter Levels @levelsio

• Zero to Sold
- Arvid Kahl @arvidkahl

• Hook Point
- Brendan Kane

Have you always wanted to start a blog but overwhelmed by the steps involved?

I've been blogging for 4 years and I still find @stephsmithio's Doing content right super valueable

Do not miss this


The book is golden! Just working through the SEO chapter. How on earth was it possible that I did NOT know this basic stuff (e.g. search intent)? This will help me focus my writing.

Loaded with tips and insights! #Reading Standing Out in 2020: Doing Content Right from @stephsmithio @ 12000m (40,000ft) high #usethedamnthing

Recent 2020 highlights:
- Visualize Value: fundamentals of visual design + UX @jackbutcher @visualizevalue
- Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience: how to grow your Twitter account from zero @dvassallo
- Doing Content Right in 2020: content marketing ebook @stephsmithio

+ Hot Choco 🥛
+ Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio

(Had to finish my previous book before I could finally start. Sorry Steph!)

Many aren't full-blown courses but they're awesome:

@jasonvana's The B2B Revenue Playbook
@stephsmithio's Doing Content Right
@TheCoolestCool's The Dream Playbook

Have you bought a full-blown course?

The book “Doing Content Right” by @stephsmithio , followed by the free resources on @ahrefs

Packed with insights! Still reading but will share after :)

Tomorrow I'm sending my newsletter to 212 creators!

Topics covered:
- Curing Writer's Block (@david_perell)
- Building Networks (@jackbutcher)
- Doing Content Right (@stephsmithio, @bzaidi)

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Congrats Steph!

I like the pricing strategy and the sales counter on the product page! Very creative :)

Just got a copy, looking forward to read it.

On a useful Zoom session with @stephsmithio on how to do content positioning right....

And then this slide showed up!

SO humbling to see @outofcrsty alongside all these other amazing newsletters!

Super excited to become an affiliate for @stephsmithio new book - Doing Content Right

I've made quite a bit of purchases off Gumroad and this by far has been the most high quality piece of content

Get this book below to write high quality content online


Just got the book. Looking forward to it. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy another book this year (over 80...) but I couldn't help myself.

81 :)


Plus: @stephsmithio recently released her book "Doing Content Right" which is full of insights, learnings, & exercises around building & growing a publication.✨ A must-read! 🥰

Grab it here: gumroad.com/a/248312947

Psst: if you use the code "philipp20" you will get 20% off 👀

If you want to write online, I highly recommend this book by @stephsmithio.

@stephsmithio's book introduced me to @weavatools. It's a game changer for organizing and highlighting content.

Make the new, relevant.

Make the old, better.

(h/t @stephsmithio)

Javascript course by @wesbos
Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio

One thing I'm using

Telegram Groups

Over the past couple weeks I've joined a few groups

1000x more intimate than any community I've joined

just to name a few

@craigburgess Daily Visual
@Psypreneur 's Group
@stephsmithio Doing Content Right

Tremendous Value

Lessons to Grow Your Publication From the Ground Up trends.co/articles/lesso… by the awesome @stephsmithio @TheHustle

Just published my favourite products/courses/communities!

A lot of quality products that is underpriced today:

@stephsmithio's Doing Content Right
@theSamParr @TheHustle's Trends Community
@blackhatwizardd Cold Email Mastery


I got this during the Thanksgiving break. Stellar content. Extremely actionable advice.

High recommend @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right 👇

As @stephsmithio says in her amazing book "Doing Content Right" (bit.ly/steph-smith):

”Anything that you’ve spent an above average time learning about can be translated into information that is going to be valuable to the average person."

If you want to learn how to get your content to stand out in 2020.

Learn from @stephsmithio, who leads the Trends team @TheHustle and has a personal blog that hundreds of thousands view every year.

She recently announced a book covering all her experiences.

(thread) 🧵

To @stephsmithio:

Worth. Every. Penny.

From: Happy customer

6/ I'm excited to dive into her new book Doing Content Right.

Check it out here 👇🏼


5/ Doing Content Right


• A simple book will get you on the deep end of how content works

• Will take less than a day to consume it

• Practical steps to apply it

Great for folks who are trying to get into content marketing.

Check: gumroad.com/a/298865779/qb…

Doing Content Right by Steph Smith @stephsmithio


(SEO + content, but geared towards personal bloggers/writers)

🔥 Congrats to member @stephsmithio on hitting #1 on @ProductHunt with her launch of "Doing Content Right"!

Not for nothing, but she obviously did her content right... 😎


Doing Content Right is published by @stephsmithio

• Her personal blog reached 400k+ page views and thousands of subscribers in its first year
• She works for @TheHustle where she helped launch Trends, to thousands of subscribers and millions in ARR

I found it very useful. Excellent resource. I keep going back to specific sections as I slowly ramp up my endeavours. All the best with yours.


WRITERS who want to stand out

I whole-heartedly recommend reading "Doing Content Right" by @stephsmithio.

• Her blog reached 400k+ views
• 600k+ email-list
• Now writes for 1m+ @TheHustle readers
• Sold 3000+ copies of her book


Just in case you'd like to know, your Doing Content Right was the first book I bought at @gumroad in 2020.
I went on to buy a few other books/info products later from the platform only because of the trust boost I had through that first purchase. :)
So thank you!

It's not free, but probably @stephsmithio's Doing Content Right guide! Haven't finished it yet, but it is just FULL of gouge and delivered in such a great way

Just published my notes on @stephsmithio's book Doing Content Right. Wonderful, wonderful book 😍


I'm loving this infographic from @stephsmithio Lots more at doingcontentright.com

#contentmarketing #personalbranding #contentcreators #marketing

To get started as a freelance writer:

Phase 1 - Practice:
• Write on Quora
• Publish articles on Medium (builds portfolio)

Phase 2 - Learn:
• Read 'Doing Content Right' by @stephsmithio
• Take Ship 30
• Study cold pitching

Phase 3 - Action:
• Tweet daily
• Cold pitch

Hi Twitter friends! 👋 I’m looking for book recommendations. 📚

Any ideas for in-depth digital books on how to grow on Twitter?

Kind of like @stephsmithio’s Doing Content Right, but for Twitter.

3 lessons from Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio

1. Make sure you're proud of the work you produce.
2. Don't ask people what they want. Let the market decide.
3. Follow your curiousity.

Highly recommend Doing Content Right by @stephsmithio. Loaded with actionable insights, highly organized for future reference, love the PDF format and self-paced approach. 5/5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Three key takeaways from @stephsmithio brilliant "Doing Content Right" talk

- Treat writing as a product and be clear about end goals

- SEO is important, but write to solve other people's problems

- The act of writing clarifies your thinking

Bought @stephsmithio Doing Content Right last week

Then @theSamParr drops a discount into the Trends newsletter this week 😂

Well, was worth full price anyway

Some great offers Sam, but I need more execution, less learning 🏋️

I want to grow an audience and sell digital products

Resources I've bought to help me start

@stephsmithio Doing Content Right

Digital Products
@jackbutcher Build Once Sell Twice

Twitter Growth
@LifeMathMoney The Art of Twitter

Time to execute