.@consultingclub_ is the real deal.

Was a pleasant surprise to see this new guide by @vikdug in our materials 馃槆 like Christmas 馃巵 https://t.co/ZDh3cVuIFA

You鈥檙e perfect for this and so glad you鈥檒l be helping others. Congrats on the launch!

is building something truly special with Consulting Club

So proud to be part of the consulting club!

This trip led by @vikdug with amazing colleagues who I learn from is going to change my life.

I can鈥檛 recommend it enough if you want to build a consulting practice

Great opportunity for anyone looking to level up their consulting business or start one. @vikdug and his community are incredible guides for the journey!

You need to be talking with @vikdug. It鈥檚 unreal how good he is at this stuff.

Vik鈥檚 the person you should talk to if you鈥檙e considering consulting as a career, the opportunities are endless 馃弳馃殌

So so proud of @Vik for sharing this. If you're looking to leverage your talents as a consultant, you owe it to your future self to sign up.

is awesome and my independent consultancy has allowed me to break away from the corporate world, live life on my own terms, meet amazing people and fly on Jack Nicklaus' plane (yeah I still can't believe it either...). Glad I'm in the Consulting Club!

I used to work all the time.

Now, my goal is to provide the most amount of value to my clients in the least amount of time in order to support the lifestyle I want to live.

I鈥檝e never been happier. Thank you @vikdug for this mindset shift!

If you want to leverage your expertise and venture out on your own or already have and want to level up I recommend checking out Vik's course.

Vik is incredibly knowledgable, experienced, and has an infectious energy that I guarantee will help you focus on what's important.

I joined, you should too if you're serious about accelerating your consulting career. Make friends, learn from super smart people, get access to new networks...a no-brainer. #consultingclub

If you want to excel as a consultant, just drop everything and join this club before hits the limited people status!!

@vikdug is the guy who not only teaches the skills but balances out how to do things with conviction and an abundance mindset 馃挭馃徑

Get on it now 馃憞馃徑