1/26 As we have been in a bear market for the past several months, I want to do a series of educational threads on #Cardano. This thread will cover Cardano’s infrastructure. Please comment below what topics you would want for me to cover in the next one. Feel free to share.

I think a lot about holes in my investment thesis around Cardano

We are all in echo chambers and criticism of Cardano in the space is often harsh, so understanding why is key to me

Of course a lot of hate is financially incentivised and unfounded so we must filter out the noise

1/I know there are crypto funds out there sitting on cash, watching $ADA with some interest

Some will avoid it as part of allegiance to their crypto tribe. Others know what’s up and are waiting for a good entry

Want to say a few words to the in between group that isn’t sure

1/Continuing with my series on major projects building on Cardano, where I ask some basic questions and summarise responses in a thread

As before, this is not promotional or compensated at all, just want to share my podium with these teams. Series 4: AW x @CardanoMaladex

''Ouroboros consensus Protocol'' is the heart of #Cardano

which gives it rigorous security guarantees comparable to those achieved by the Nakamoto consensus of #Bitcoin

Here’s a breakdown of the tech that makes #Cardano more similar to #Bitcoin than any other L1 out there:🧵👇

Just a reminder the Cardano eUTXO model is not speed limited to it's current state. The network parameters are easily changed.

This example from 3+ yrs ago we speed tested Rust/Jormungandr version of Cardano to 28.5 TPS on a global testnet of ~400 nodes


11/Why Cardano?

Off-chain computation allows for computational complexity without high execution cost. eUTxO allows efficient parallelisation of execution

Haskell is the best language for writing and checking formal specifications and certifying DSL (domain-specific language)

I have been meaning to do a POS vs POW thread for a while.

This seems like the perfect opportunity 👿

POS vs POW , the facts the points and the BS 🧵👇

#ProjectCatalyst is an inspiring innovation engine that helps seed & propel community led ideas into the real world.

🥳 Here is mega-thread of up to date completions 🥳

Full list 👉 bit.ly/FundedProjects…
#Cardano #ada $ada @Cardano @InputOutputHK

🧵 Read more below 👇

Ethereum's Account-based ledger model is dominating the DeFi space for now!!

but DeFi on #Cardano is on the rise.

Here are the reasons why E-UTxO ledger archictecture of #Cardano is superior to the Account-based model of #Ethereum


In principle anything can be developed and enhanced on Cardano. Some things are easy, some of medium complexity, some are really hard.

2 questions.

What do you need on Cardano from the user perspective?

What do you need on Cardano from developer perspective?

Please comment 🧵

This year #Cardano is anticipating multiple enhancements & optimizations to increase its throughput

''Input Endorsers' is one of the most anticipated upgrades on #Cardano

So let's take a look at this concept and how it is helping #Cardano to increase its throughput

Hydra: The Layer 2 scaling solution with ''Isomorphic state channels''

is one of the most anticipated scaling solutions on #Cardano

which awaits its implementation in 2022

Here’s a breakdown of the tech that brings Layer 2 (L2) scaling to #Cardano: 🧵👇

''Determinism'' is a core feature of #Cardano's E-UTxO ledger model

This is one of those features that differentiate and brings an edge over the indeterministic nature of #Ethereum's Account based ledger model

So let's dive in and explore the concept of ''Determinism'':🧵👇

Djed was the Quintessence of ''stability'' in ancient Egypt

The symbolic backbone of the god Osiris, the god of Afterlife & Ressurection

And Stability is what Djed is bringing to the #Cardano ecosystem

Here’s a deepdive on the tech behind Djed, stable coin on #Cardano🧵👇

#Cardano is anticipating a new wave of upgrades with the Vasil HFC event on the 29th of June 2022

Upgrades on Plutus- #Cardano's smart contract platform (CIPs)

are among the most anticipated components of this HFC event

Here’s a breakdown of each one of those upgrades:🧵👇

This year #Cardano is anticipating the implementation of multiple performance enhancements to increase its throughput

''Diffusion Pipelining'' is one of the most anticipated upgrades on #Cardano.

So let's dive in and see how it helps #Cardano to increase its throughput


The point of #Cardano with its solid scientific and mathematical foundations was not to replicate the degen DeFi space of #Ethereum

But to elevate decentralized Finance to a whole new level

Maladex is an upcoming project on #cardano which aims to live up to that expectation🧵👇

''Concentrated liquidity'' was introduced by Uniswap V3 to reduce the ''Impermanent loss''

But Liquidity providers still incur impermanent loss on Uniswap V3

So why is this happening?


How the solution to this problem may lie in E-UTxO ledger architecture of #Cardano


You lack some understanding of (e)UTXO model. Let me explain: ADA or #Cardano, better said, can handle multiple uTXO within one single tx (unlike account models). This way, you can process hundreds of inputs and outputs (unlike account one tx for one input & output).

1/ A full guide for anyone who wants to use #Cardano. This thread will be a follow up on my last educational thread on Cardano's infrastructure. I'd like to thank @TobiasFancee for the idea. Please comment any questions below. Also feel free to share.