"Life is one giant story filled with smaller stories."

Minimum Viable Video 馃殌 with @cahouser had the pleasure of hosting @RobbieCrab for a masterclass on storytelling.

And here's what we've learned 馃憞

Thanks Robbie, really nice of you -- and inspired by what you're creating 馃挴

Robbie showed me how to find my voice by speaking authentically

He taught me to speak to people's emotions rather than sharing logic

And simple tactics for speeches and conversation:

Talk Less
Use silence
Listen more

Performative Speaking made me a better speaker

I was always hesitant with sharing my story.

But a random encounter with @RobbieCrab changed everything.

A quick story & testimonial about what he has built.

This is dope 馃殌

Can someone please create a landing page with recent YT videos from PS grads?

I鈥檝e seen @KyleBowe4 @jenvermet and so many others turning around A+ content and it鈥檚 been like a week since graduation.

@RobbieCrab well done.

This is what I learnt from a 40min call with @RobbieCrab .

We both are part of the Part-Time Youtuber Academy by @AliAbdaal,

and Robbie saw that I was struggling to get my Notion course up and running so he offered me to jump into a call.

7 things I learned from Robbie馃憞馃徎

Thank you mate.

Would love to chat through any learnings you've had from PS so far sometime.

If I can replicate a small amount of your success I'll be happy.

your experience as a trial lawyer is one of the most compelling social proofs i've come across in a YT video. interesting how strongly that hooked me. it portrays discipline + stakes.

"i know i had them" love that

reverse engineering film scenes.. brilliant

Two cohorts I'm looking forward to joining in 2021:

1. @thisiskp_'s ODNC where I can build, teach and ship no-code projects 馃殌
2. @RobbieCrab's Performative Speaking where I can learn how to speak with confidence and conviction 馃敟

Which ones are you excited about?

His course was my very 1st speaking class ever.

I got a "dream" job in the middle of the course while I was told it would've taken up to 2 years to land a job in my field.

Every student in his course is sweat and encourages one another. I love everyone there.

The power of Performative Speaking was the empowerment of its students.

The confidence shown by @RobbieCrab, @KyleBowe4 & @SeenConnors towards the cohort meant that we were all going to succeed.

No matter what.

Something I learned about public speaking today from @RobbieCrab: speed volunteers itself for emphasis. But your audience needs to trust your ability to *control* your speed. Thanks, Robbie!

Instead, @RobbieCrab dropped a piece of advice: 鈥淚t鈥檚 your story. Don鈥檛 let anyone try and change it.鈥

It was empowering.

That line gave me the push I needed to embrace my own story.

I embraced authenticity. It has influenced everything I have written ever since.

Robbie helps you unleash your superpower through Performative Speaking.

PS was the most transformative course I took this year. After the course, others told me that I come across as a more confident speaker. I learned to tell better stories. I no longer needed glasses.

Thoughts on Performative Speaking?
Greatest investment if you want to
鈥 Paint the masterpiece of your life

鈥 Develop the identity of a speaker

鈥 Have boundless energy in ALL social situations

鈥 Develop a presence - from the convenience store you visit to presentations

Even most people who know of @RobbieCrab or his Performative Speaking course don't realize that while he's a phenomenal speaking coach - this is like 20% of his super power... more to come on this from him in 2021.

Y'all are gonna be 馃く馃く馃く馃く

Robbie鈥檚 course is truly transformational.

Come for the tactics for delivering better speeches.

Stay for the journey of self discovery and amazing community.

I can鈥檛 recommend this course highly enough if you want to reach those 2021 goals 馃殌

Performative speaking is a powerful skill you could ever have.

鈥淭he ability for words to bring about change鈥

Talking to a client or a friend is more than just 鈥渢ransmitting information鈥. You need to convey emotions to hook your audience. You鈥檒l be more persuasive & your message will be better remembered when you sprinkle emotional stories.

I absolutely had a blast this month with @RobbieCrab's Performative Speaking course and his fellow students.

I will forever remember the transformative experience in Robbie's course! #ThanksgivingEve

Today I received an orientation schedule for my dream job thanks to the PS.

Particularly thankful for:

@jackbutcher and @celiapreihs for allowing me to help and learn from them @visualizevalue

@RobbieCrab who is my go-to person for advice

@amlewis4 and @AlexAndBooks_ for our biweekly calls

@thedulab and @PaikCapital for laying out the blueprint