Bought this a few weeks ago, and it's AWESOME! Everything you need to know to start, launch, and grow your email newsletter:

Too bad I can’t invest venture capital in @JanelSGM yet but for now making do with belief capital and social capital 🎯

She’s a powerhouse ⚡️ Go upvote!

Newsletter Operating System: All-in-one dashboard to launch & grow your newsletter via @ProductHunt…

Newsletter OS by @JanelSGM launched today & all I can say is WHOA. Had no idea you could build a product using @NotionHQ. The layout is fantastic and it's *packed* with resources & helpful info. If you're thinking of starting a newsletter, grab it!

I was lucky enough to get an early look at Newsletter OS by @JanelSGM. 🤯

It's so much more than a dashboard. There are guides, templates, resources, and tools all expertly curated and written for you.

Upgrade your newsletter 👇

This is like your own personal control room to manage and grow your email newsletter 💌…

This is the future: Packaged software, built on @NotionHQ, winning hearts on @ProductHunt, and sold via @gumroad! Congrats @JanelSGM on the launch!…

Yesterday I had a preview of @JanelSGM's Newsletter Operating System.

It's epic! A cross between an e-book, a project manager, a dashboard, and a wiki. It's clear that many many hours of high-quality work have gone into it.

Without a doubt worth every $. Great work Janel!

I know Janel from twitter who is putting out some great content lately 🔥

BrainPint to me is a natural extension of her value-giving mindset. Go subscribe now 👇🏽

How much have I learned today after reading @JanelSGM first article in her blog?
How She Curates BrainPint

She will never know, Gold Piece. Congratulation on your launch!

Don’t get it twisted.

Smaller accounts under 10k OFTEN out-content much bigger accounts.

Some examples:

Follow VALUABLE people.
Not just popular people.

BrainPint is just that...drinking a pint of liquid brain juice. You'll be directed by @JanelSGM to educational topics, learn about other newsletters to read, get a quote to inspire you and learn about, well, a lot

.@JanelSGM started with 30 followers on Twitter 5 months ago.

Now she's built an audience of 2,500+ followers.

And she's been able to leverage her audience sell 300 copies of Newsletter OS.

Here's how she did it 👇

Best accounts you need to follow right now.


Who did I miss?

Maker focus 🚀 on @MakersLearn
🍺 BrainPint by @JanelSGM

The top newsletter curating the best reads, tools, and so much more. Janel is off the charts 📈

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