It's amazing Steph - thank you!

The IDEA framework clicks and inspires real/practical action in a way few other productivity books have.

And all the practical ideas alone were worth the price of admission and that's probably less than 5% of what's there.

Motivated by the Eliminate chapter of Doing time right of @stephsmithio I scheduled an email for my future self with FB and IG passwords for Monday.

Trying to break useless habits one step at a time.

Did a biiig cleansing of my Twitter timeline. Really helpful (and thanks again for your amazing course on time management 🌸)

the present is non-fungible

use it or lose it

Doing Time Right course by @stephsmithio @calvin_rosser
an amazing box of resources, tools & mind resets

for getting into now

Enjoyed having @stephsmithio today at @beondeck for a workshop on productivity inspired by her book "Doing Time Right"

This slide on "priorities" was a personal favorite

Check out her book on Gumroad: ⬇️

“Motivation is a resource that exhausts pretty quickly … if you’re relying on your sheer motivation, you are much less likely to reach your destination” - my favorite take from a fascinating workshop with @stephsmithio for #ODNC2

we are our worst enemies says @stephsmithio. "Hidden Hours: Doing Time Right" @beondeck session.

Knowledge Workers Game Footage

Sharing a different way to track time, for people who have tried tracking in the past and failed.

This was inspired by the time audits in @stephsmithio _amazing_ Doing Time Right book.

👀 Day 20/100 #100DaysOfNoCode

💣 OOOH that moment when you think you have it ALL figured out and realize, it's actually not working 😅 Tomorrow is another day, eh?
​​🧠 Eager to dive in with @stephsmithio @calvin_rosser

#buildinpublic #nocode

If you are always wanting another hour in your day, *get* this course from @stephsmithio, "Doing Time Right".

It's on pre-sale now.

Meaning the price is $45 now & will slowly increase till $70.

Get it now or pay the full price later.…


Just got: Unlocking Hidden Hours: Doing Time Right from @stephsmithio @calvin_rosser…

Your time is the most precious resource you have.

This Thursday, @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser are dropping “Unlocking Hidden Hours: Doing Time Right,” a must-have for anyone wanting to get more done in less time.

Get it for 25% off launch price now!…


Thank you for the Doing Time Right project. I am so grateful for your help. This is a project that should be shared globally.


2:44 AM · Aug 15, 2021


I am enjoying the course so far. On implementing a small subset of the material from the course, I have experienced noticeable improvements in my life.


Thanks to this course, I've been unsubscribing to almost every merch email and several newsletters that come into my inbox. Enjoying the peace and quiet.

You need to learn to leverage digital tools 💻

If you do, your efforts compound positively 📈

If you don't, they'll control you & your efforts compound negatively 📉

One of many takeaways from Doing Time Right by @stephsmithio & @calvin_rosser

Exhibit 🅰️

Productivity = Achieving the result you want with less time and effort.

from Doing Time Right by @stephsmithio

Now I just determine:
🌠 What I want
🤖 How to make **it** faster/easier

Pretty powerful stuff.

Started Doing Time Right course by @stephsmithio and @calvin_rosser.

First 2 modules took ~30mins, some immediate effects:

- Turned off most app notifs
- Unsubbed from 90% emails I don't read
- Set times to check email
- Set priorities for each day/week

Mo thoughts 👇

Following @stephsmithio lead and cleaning up my information diet by limiting my follows to 100.

Harder than I thought!

Heard this on the gumroad pod.

Great #ODNC session with @stephsmithio.

In short:
"Tools like Zapier, Airtable, etc., allow you to accomplish more with less effort. This creates massive personal leverage. Others remain on the hamster wheel of life.

Doing Time Right bridges this gap."

→ Struggling to focus?

Use an app like Freedom to block certain websites and apps on a schedule

→ Too much noise on your Twitter feed?

Limit yourself to following the 99 accounts that provide the most value to you. (Thank you @stephsmithio for this one)

Starting the morning with @stephsmithio talking about #productivity has been🔥. Highly recommend learning more about Steph and her work!
Thank you @beondeck!
#Focus #Outcomes #Goals


Guys thank you so much the resources are so so awesome!


3:21 AM · Jul 25, 2021

One of the best ideas I've heard in ages: @stephsmithio says in her new course that we should not only optimize our daily routines for productivity, but also for enjoyment! I don't think I've heard a productivity course talk about enjoying the journey timely!

I've been building up a storm lately with #nocode tools

but to find the time to do it all I've implemented all I could from @stephsmithio Doing Time Right

One of the most well thought out courses for her Delegate, Automate, Eliminate framework

Aff link…

My personal inbox was giving me so much anxiety so I just nuked it.

Goodbye 24,597 emails

Thanks @stephsmithio & @andymitchell for the nudge to do this

I pre-ordered
Unlocking Hidden Hours: Doing Time Right
from @stephsmithio
on @Gumroad —>…<—


Thanks for putting this out there! I've gone through the course and gotten a lot out of it.


4:37 PM · Aug 5, 2021

Currently learning/working on:

@stephsmithio's Doing Time Right course.

Learning to code Solidity following @nateliason's guide
(starting from absolute scratch with this one.)

Reading about parenting (currently: Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne)

After zipping through @stephsmithio's first book, I've already pre-ordered her second. If you're a creator or founder that's always strapped for time, change that and pick up a copy. 📘


Steph was full of wisdom in our Maven 10X Creator program w/ @jmikolay & @james_d_baird.

Check out her soon-to-launch "Doing Time Right" ⏲️👏

Creativerly 128 is out, featuring

Tools: @dorik_io, @beyond__so, @nirvanahq, Mouseless App by @_ueberdosis

Resource: Doing Time Right by @stephsmithio & @calvin_rosser

Articles: @johnwcoleman, @abmarkman, @Prototypr, @jamiemill

Read it here

If you aren’t following @stephsmithio, you should do that now.

She has completely reshaped how I think about Online Content Creation and she’s about to do the same with Time Management.

Check out the Table of Contents for her new book and click the aff link below for more info.

🐝 Hive Five #35 – Just do it

@cybersecmeg on getting after it
@nnwakelam on sacrifice
@CoreyD97 asks for #bugbounty tips for focusing when you have ADHD
@stephsmithio's daily framework to get things done
@phwd_ shares #bugbountytips

I pre-ordered Unlocking Hidden Hours: Doing Time Right from @stephsmithio on @Gumroad:… thanks to @monicalimco