Big shoutout to @Deepuasok for an awesome convo on perceptual learning, visualization, and bridging the gap between concrete and abstract. If you don't follow his awesome @visualwisdom108 account you should, as that is what inspired me to chat w him

4/5 @Deepuasok

Deepu's is an expert turning abstract things into a very digestible and simple format.

He draws ideas so you don't have to read them.

Yes, your advice was very inspiring actually. It made me see something from completely different perspective.

Thanks for that! 🙏

I am absolutely in love with these illustrations. Great read! ❤️ — Subscribe to Visual Wisdom by @visualwisdom108…

I couldn’t agree with you more Deepu. And love this illustration! Conveys our whole vision in one slide!

Thanks for this!

4/15 - @Deepuasok

He's header says everything.

Done with reading the text, Deepu will visualize it for you

His creativity never goes down

I always enjoy this newsletter.

What makes it worth your time?

1. It’s digestible
2. Great visuals.
3. Packed with useful info.

Thx for sharing @Deepuasok

Thank you, Deepu, for all these great reminders.

I might be late to the party.

Deepu's stuff is legit.

Real solid visuals and storytelling.

Hope you not only get to 500 but 5000 soon enough.